The Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2

Trusted in the most extreme situations for more than 20 years, The Belmont® Rapid Infuser sets the pace for reliable, high-speed delivery of warmed blood and fluids. Simple, safe, and effective, this life-saving technology earns the confidence of civilian and military clinicians worldwide—every day. Experience peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared for the worst because you’re equipped with the best.

The Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2

Bubble-free. Reliable. Fast.

A leading medical device in combating hypothermia and blood loss, The Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 rapidly delivers life-saving, warmed blood and fluid at the touch of a button—enabling clinicians to do their best work. Built-in ultrasonic air detectors and patient safety valve wand automatically safeguard against air emboli. Robust in engineering and performance, “The Belmont” is built to last.

Fast, Automatic Priming

The Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 fully primes in under 1 minute and easily re-primes without disconnecting from the patient.

Precise Control of Fluid Delivery

A high-speed peristaltic pump enables accuracy in fluid delivery, with flow rates ranging from 2.5 to 1,000 ml/min.

Intuitive, High-contrast Touchscreen Display

Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions and real-time display of alarms and alerts, set and actual rates, total volume infused, and line pressure.

Other Features

Advanced Pressure Regulation

Automatic pressure monitoring and flow rate adjustment when pressure exceeds 300 mmHg.

Intuitive Touchscreen Display

High-contrast display provides easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, clear descriptions of alarms and alerts, and quick access to device operations.

Real-time Display
  • Set Rate
  • Actual Rate
  • Total Volume Infused
  • Line Pressure
Aluminum-free Disposables

All disposables are free of aluminum.

Automatic Air Detection & Removal

Two ultrasonic air detectors and patient safety valve safeguard against air emboli.

Electromagnetic Induction Heating

Dry, inductive heating technology and two infrared temperature sensors provide consistent normothermic fluid within seconds.


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