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Saving Lives.

On the front lines of critical care, everything matters. Lives depend upon us—all of us bringing our best. Our innovative medical devices help you deliver. Belmont’s solutions blend technical inspiration with an uncompromising quality standard. Because earning your trust is the only option.

When lives are in your hands, reach for Belmont.

At our best when it matters most.

In developing and refining our leading fluid warming and temperature regulation devices, we strive to innovate advanced capabilities and patient safety features that give you the power and precision to change the course of critical outcomes.


The Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2

Trusted in the most extreme situations for more than 20 years, The Belmont® Rapid Infuser delivers rapid, reliable, and bubble-free delivery of life-saving warmed blood and fluid at the touch of a button.

  • Precise control of fluid delivery (at rates from 2.5 to 1000 ml per minute)
  • Precise, high-speed warming
  • Automatic air detection and removal
  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Aluminum-free disposables

buddy lite

Portable blood and fluid warming—anytime, anywhere—in a remarkably compact, lightweight package, buddy lite™ is used globally by clinicians to help prevent hypothermia during fluid administration.

  • Easy to use
  • Close-to-patient warming
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Military tested and approved
  • Aluminum-free disposable


Safe, simple, and effective, this non-invasive system maintains patient body temperature throughout all stages of the perioperative continuum. Allon’s algorithm-driven heat pump circulates water through the ThermoWrap® disposable patient garment.

  • Consistent body temperature control
  • Simple, easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical display
  • Full range of sizes and configurations




Maintaining pre-set, targeted body temperature as determined by a physician, this safe, and effective system is composed of two elements, the CritiCool device and the CureWrap.

  • Consistent body temperature control
  • Simple, easy to use and quick set up
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical touch-screen display 
  • Flexibility and versatility with one-piece body-shaped garments

Hyperthermia Pump

The Hyperthermia Pump raises the temperature of a patient’s thoracic or peritoneal cavity to the desired target temperature by continuously lavaging it with warmed sterile solution.

  • Precise temperature control
  • High-efficiency electromagnetic induction warmer
  • Automatic air removal
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Aluminum-free disposables

Areas of Care

In every area of care, better products result in better outcomes. Patients, their advocates, and your own people expect the best from you. Belmont solutions blend technical inspiration with uncompromising quality to give your clinicians added power to affect the course of medical events. That’s the goal we all share.

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