Hyperthermia Pump

The highly efficient Hyperthermia Pump™ is used in therapeutic procedures to raise the temperature of the thoracic or intraperitoneal cavity to the desired target temperature through continuous lavage with warmed sterile solution. The warmed solution is pumped into a body cavity, withdrawn, reheated, and recirculated back to the body. User friendly, compact, and safe, the Hyperthermia Pump is a global leader in delivery of hyperthermia therapy.

The Belmont Hyperthermia Pump is helping improve clinical outcomes in these areas

Highly Efficient Inductive Heat

A high-efficiency electromagnetic induction warmer, using a medical-grade stainless steel heat exchanger, brings the sterile solution to the right temperature and helps keep it there throughout the hyperthermia therapy.

Precise Temperature Control

Near-instantaneous warming and precise adjustment of fluid temperature between 37° and 48°C in 0.1°C increments using induction heat technology.

Purpose-built for Patient Safety

The Hyperthermia Pump prioritizes patient safety, automatically and continuously monitoring device operation and fluid temperature.

Compact Design

Designed with space in mind, the system conveniently mounts to any standard IV pole and is lighter and more compact than comparable systems.


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