Hyperthermia Pump™ Disposables and Accessories

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Procedure Kit (1 kit)  


The Procedure Kit is designed to save time and money by simplifying complicated tubing setups into a single, comprehensive, and easy-to-install kit. Embedded temperature probes monitor outflow and return fluid temperature with the option to monitor patient cavity using two additional probes.

  • Quick-connect luer connections allow for easy setup, eliminating the need to cut and reconnect tubing.
  • Outflow tubing temperature probe reads the outflow temperature before bifurcations.
  • Return tubing temperature probe automatically averages the temperature of all returned fluids. 
  • 72 inch (1.8 m) temperature probes allow for connection outside of the sterile fluid field.

Bifurcated Line Set (1 kit)  


The Bifurcated Line Set provides a single straight inflow patient line and a single bifurcated patient line with a total of four fluid outflows. The Straight Inflow/Bifurcated Outflow Patient Line Kit is packaged and sterilized separately from the heat exchanger and the reservoir.

  • Heat exchanger
  • 8 foot (2.4 m) straight inflow patient line
  • 8 foot (2.4 m) bifurcated outflow patient line
  • 4.4 L reservoir
  • Aluminum-free

Straight Line Set (1 kit)  


The Straight Line Set provides a single inflow/outflow patient line. The patient line must be cut along the extended tubing length (at the physician’s discretion during the procedure) within the sterile field for insertion to and from the body cavity. The Straight Inflow/Outflow Patient Line Set is packaged and sterilized separately from the heat exchanger and the reservoir

  • Heat exchanger
  • 16 foot (4.9 m) straight inflow/outflow patient line
  • 4.4 L reservoir
  • Aluminum-free
Cannula Connector (12/box)  


Cannula Connectors are pre-connected tubing sets to be used in conjunction with the Straight Inflow/Outflow Patient Line, P/N 902-00010P and 902-00039P, and the Straight Inflow/Bifurcated Outflow Patient Line, P/N 902-00009P and 902-00040.

  • Provides a simple means whereby the user can have two input cannulas in the cavity and/or two output (return flow) cannulas
  • Provides a pre-connected tubing assembly, tubing, barbed Y-connectors, and fittings for adapting the inflow tubing and/or the outflow tubing to accept a cannula with a larger flow diameter than the currently provided patient line



Vacuum Regulator  


Replacement vacuum assist regulator used to maximize flow equilibrium and enable fine tuning of fluid return rate during hyperthermia procedures.

Temperature Cables (1 set)  


Replacement set of four color-coded temperature cables for connecting tubing embedded and optional patient cavity temperature probes to the Hyperthermia Pump™ system.

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