Intensive Care

When you need the best of the best this very second, choose Belmont.

Intensive care is a high-stress environment with medical personnel at the ready at all times to diagnose and act on any intervention your patients need. In this complex and rapidly shifting setting, admissions arrive from many different sources and each patient comes with a unique set of vitals and co-morbidities. Patients in your ICU require quick attention and decision-making. Staying calm and collected is far easier when clinicians have the best tools at their fingertips.

How We Help

Make the Easy Decisions When You Can

Whether treating a gunshot victim, a hyperthermic or hypothermic patient, being prepared with Belmont solutions at your side means there's one less decision for you to make in the heat of the moment. We bring simplicity to your complex ICU environment.

Controlling Body Temperature with Allon® and CritiCool®

When thermoregulation has been compromised and begun its cascade of detrimental events, taking control of body temperature needs to be simple and effective.

With either CritiCool or Allon, you can easily and quickly manage patient body temperature. Lending simplicity and precision, both systems use a one-piece disposable patient garment that wraps around the patient’s body — covering up to 80% of the patient’s skin — to exchange energy efficiently — without adhering to the patient’s skin.

Treating Severe Blood Loss with “The Belmont”

When a patient could bleed out, you need a quick fix that you know works. The Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2 gives you an easy-to-use and dependable solution for warming blood and fluids quickly, precisely, and safely. Affectionately called “The Belmont,” our device can be found around the world and in the top 100 US hospitals — because critical care teams rely on us.

Designed with your patients in mind

CritiCool® with CureWrap®

Quickly initiate and maintain targeted temperature management (TTM) with ease using CritiCool® and the single-use body-shaped CureWrap® garment.

  • A few quick steps to start Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)
  • Only a single one-piece CureWrap® is needed
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Dry, Electromagnetic Induction Heating

The Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2

A leading medical device in delivering normothermic blood and fluids, The Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2 uses dry, inductive heat to rapidly warm and administer life-saving fluids.

  • Exceptional air detection and removal
  • Automatic priming and effortless re-priming
  • Automatic line pressure monitoring
  • Precise control and display of infusion variables
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Temperature Under Your Control

Allon® with ThermoWrap<sup>®</sup>

Take control of patient temperature with Allon® and ThermoWrap®, an advanced thermoregulation system.

  • Precise control even with frequent shifts in patient temperature
  • Every 133 milliseconds, Allon determines whether to warm or cool the patient
  • Intuitive, graphical touchscreen display
  • Compact footprint for full access to patient and easy monitoring
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