CritiCool® MINI

Safe, portable, and effective, the CritiCool® MINI delivers targeted patient temperature management in a compact package, leveraging similar technology to the CritiCool® thermal regulating system. Battery-powered, lasting up to 60 minutes, and only 11 kg (24 lb.), the portability of the MINI makes it especially relevant in emergency, neonatal, and intensive care situations. Simple and precise, the CritiCool MINI thermoregulation device pairs with the CureWrap™ single-use garment for advanced patient temperature management.

Not available in the United States


CritiCool® MINI is helping improve clinical outcomes in these areas

Quick and Easy Targeted Temperature Management

The CritiCool MINI, is simple, with quick and easy setup, and is both user- and patient-friendly. Clinicians just have to:

  • Set the desired temperature on the CritiCool® MINI device
  • Wrap the appropriately sized CureWrap™ garment around the patient
  • Cool the patient to the set temperature
  • Rewarm the patient through controlled, monitored rewarming
Fast, Simple, and Precise TTM

Initiate fast cooling at the touch of a button. A precision algorithm maintains temperature as set by the clinician within 0.3°C.

CureWrap™ – Designed with Your Patient in Mind

The soft mesh CureWrap gently envelops your patient, providing effective energy transfer – even when the baby is held.

Compact Design, Complete Treatment

Take advantage of the therapeutic window and continuous operation with the lightweight CritiCool MINI, which can cool on battery for up to 60 minutes.

Other Features

Full-Color, Touch-screen display

Simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls facilitates monitoring and adjusting therapy.

Responsive, Microprocessor-Controlled System

The patient’s core temperature is read every 133 milliseconds to allow for automatic adjustments in order to maintain the physician-determined pre-set temperature.

Real-Time Monitoring

Follow progress in real time on a full-color, touchscreen monitor with graphical display of temperature measurements. Post therapy, access and review data using the CliniLogger™.


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