How quickly you start cooling a patient impacts survival and neurological function, especially after a hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) diagnosis or cardiac arrest. That’s why clinicians call on CritiCool, a simple and effective thermal regulating system.

Giving the clinician control over patient thermal regulation, CritiCool functions as both a control unit and cooling pump that constantly provides feedback of the patient’s core and surface temperature via connected sensors. Using core and surface temperature measurements, CritiCool’s proprietary algorithm maintains the desired temperature throughout treatment by bringing the water to the target temperature and circulating it in a closed-loop system. The control unit pairs with the CureWrap® single-use garment to envelop the patient for advanced patient temperature management.

CritiCool is helping improve clinical outcomes in these areas

Targeted Temperature Management Has Never Been Easier

Operating CritiCool is simple, with quick and easy setup, and is both user- and patient-friendly. Clinicians just have to:

  • Set the desired temperature on the CritiCool device
  • Wrap the appropriately sized CureWrap garment around the patient
  • Cool the patient to the set temperature
  • Rewarm the patient through controlled, monitored rewarming
Fast, Precise Cooling

Initiate cooling at the touch of a button with a single CureWrap. A precision algorithm maintains temperature as set by the clinician within 0.3°C.

CureWrap® – Designed with Your Patient in Mind

The flexible, body-shaped CureWrap garment efficiently exchanges energy with the patient while distributing pressure through relief channels.

Clinical Staff Friendly

Set up and monitor your patient easily with color-coded cables, only one set of hoses, and a simple and intuitive touchscreen display.

Other Features

Touchscreen Display

Simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls facilitates monitoring and adjusting therapy.

Responsive, Microprocessor-Controlled System

The patient’s core temperature is read every 133 milliseconds to allow for automatic adjustments in order to maintain the physician-determined pre-set temperature.

Real-time Monitoring

Follow progress in real time on a full-color, touchscreen monitor with graphical display of temperature measurements. Post therapy, access and review procedure data using the CliniLogger™.

Controlled Rewarming

Leave manually increasing temperature every 30 minutes in the past and transition to controlled rewarming, where CritiCool gradually increases the patient’s set point as per the clinician’s guidance.

Parental Holding of the Baby

Nurses and parents alike appreciate that the design of CureWrap facilitates protocols allowing parents to hold their newborn during treatment.


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