buddy lite® Disposables and Accessories

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buddy™ Disposable Set  


The disposable set features a large venting membrane that automatically vents out-gassed air during fluid warming. Other patient safety features include a one-way valve to prevent backflow, a valve to prevent air entrainment, and a pressure-regulating valve to limit the risk of vessel trauma. 

  • Low prime volume (6.2 ml) reduces waste
  • Color-coded for easy installation
  • Compatible with standard IV administration sets
  • Aluminum-free



Battery Pack  


Replacement or additional battery for extended use of the buddy lite® or buddy lite® AC system.

12V Vehicle Charger  


12V DC vehicle charger connects to the battery charger, enabling the buddy lite® battery to be charged using vehicle or AC power.

Battery Charger  


Replacement charging station for buddy lite® battery. 

AC/DC Power Supply  


Replacement AC/DC power supply.

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